The World for 5c

Our mission is to let you call any regular fixed or mobile number in the world for only 5 cents (€0.05) per minute. Already we cover almost all of Europe, North America, China, Australia… The list goes on. Search on the full destination list below.

How to use the app

Download the app, register (including the phone number you want to be displayed when you call), top up your account and then start saving money on calls. Simple as that!

Step 1

Download the app

Step 2

Register your details including the mobile number you want to show as your caller ID

Step 3

Add some call credit to your account. This can be as little as 1€

Step 4

Return to the app and start making calls

Step 5

Use “My Calls4all” to top up and manage your account

Step 6

Get your friends and contacts to download the app – everyone can benefit from our rates, wherever they are in the world

The best VOIP experience

Calls4all softphone offers a simple user interface and superb audio quality for a smooth Voice over IP experience

Excellent audio quality, even on older devices

Intelligent Latency Reduction

Supports calling over 3G and WIFI

Background/multitasking support

Dialer integration

Integration with the contact list

Speakerphone mute and hold

Built-in echo cancellation

Download the app now

You are just seconds away from saving money on your calls every day!

Want to know more about Calls4all?

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Calls4all is owned and operated by WiFi4all SL, a company dedicated to building free networks and sharing the benefits of new technologies since 2007. Calls4all is an international business with a head office in Norway, operations in Spain and equipment facilities at Telehouse, Canary Wharf in London.